Mònica is a photographer from a town on the Costa Brava, currently living in Barcelona. She works on personal and commissioned projects.



T. 620 99 77 72


Selected Clients
Bitter Kas, Lay’s, Anna de Codorniu, Wallapop, Bon appetit magazine, Etnia Barcelona, Drinkfinity, Kas, Neon magazine, Nido magazine, Whannahost, Firma, Tapas magazine, Agapornis magazine, Brava fabrics, Hotel W Barcelona, Agustina Studio, Vice Spain.
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Publications for Pleasure – Sóc Lloc
Publications for Pleasure – Bee Project
Agapornis Magazine  (vol lll)
Publications for Pleasure – Solo – issue #6
Esquire Magazine – November
Publications for Pleasure – Brochure nº3
Cook Book – issue #2
Revista Piel de foto – issue #7